The GVerdi-R System


GVerdi-R (Graphical VErification and Rewriting for Debugger Internet sistes - Repairing) implements a novel methodology for semi-automatically repairing faulty Web sites which can be integrated on top of an existing rewriting-based verification technique developed in a previous work.

GVerdi-R snapshot
GVerdi-R snapshot

Starting from a categorization of the kinds of errors that can be found during the Web verification activities, GVerdi-R allows a stepwise transformation procedure that achieves correctness and completeness of the Web site w.r.t. its formal specification while respecting the structure of the document (e.g. the schema of an XML document).

Gverdi-R is written in Haskell. The system allows the user to load a Web site directory together with a Web specification. Additionally, he/she can inspect the loaded data and check the Web pages w.r.t the Web site specification. Finally, it allows semi-automatically repairing the errors found during that verification phase.


You can download (~200 kb), which includes, source code, libraries, examples and documentation.